List of Questions

Describing your land. A sample list of questions:

Is the land agriculturally assessed? (dependent on Maryland tax assessment)

Is the land is currently: privately owned? business owned? partnership owned?

Is the land currently being farmed?

Are there any easements on the property? If yes, describe.

Are there any other restrictions placed on the property? If yes, describe.

Is the land currently enrolled in any state or federal agricultural programs? If yes, describe.

What is the current zoning of the area in which the land is located? (Agricultural/Rural, Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Rural Legacy, Other)

What is the total acreage available for transfer?

What percent of the total farm is available for transfer?

What types of operations are currently active on the farm? (Aquaculture, Beef (number of head), Berries, Dairy(number of head), Grain, Herbs, Hogs (number of head), Horses (number of head), Horticulture, Nursery, Nuts , Orchard/Fruit , Poultry (number) , Sheep or goats (number of head), Silvaculture, Tobacco, Vegetables, Vineyard)

What types of operations were previously on the farm?

What type of agriculture is currently being practiced on the farm? Please describe. (Conservation, Certified Organic, Sustainable, Conventional, Intensive)

What types of soil are on the farm?

What is the estimated market value of the farm?

Is there housing available for an entering farmer? (Describe Beds, Baths and Square Feet)

Is there any machinery available for sale/lease or other transfer? If yes, describe type and condition.

Describe the water sources available on the farm: (House, Barn, Fields/Pastures, Greenhouse(s), Pond(s))

What type of transaction are you willing to consider? (Standard Sale, Owner Financed Sale, Partnership, Short Term Lease, Long Term Lease , Lease with Option to Buy, Work-In Agreement , Employee/Employer)

How long do you envision the transfer taking?

Which of the following characteristics are present or available on the farm: (House, Barn, Hay storage, Irrigation/Well/Spring/Pond, Grain storage Near “urban” population, Manure storage, Annual records of past farm management, Livestock facilities, Certified organic or easily certifiable, Greenhouse, Machine shed/workshop, Farm stand/store, Permanent fencing for livestock, Use of intensive pasture management, Other)