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No prior experience - looking to add chickens, rabbits, goats
Advertising/Marketing , Direct Marketing: Farm stand or store
Calvert County Farming & Land Use, Land Preservation, Calvert County Right to Farm, Master Gardener, 4-H
Direct Marketing: CSA, Direct Marketing: Farm stand or store, Direct Marketing: Farmers Markets, Land preservation, Meat, Regulations
I am a local Calvert County Farmer, that raises beef, lamb, and poultry.
Hay/pasture, Livestock production, Meat, Processed foods
Equine, Fiber/wool, Livestock production, Meat
We are a small livestock farm.We have been in business since 2008.
Equine, Fiber/wool, Livestock production, Meat, Produce
i love planting,and love nature
Horticulture/cut flowers, Organic agriculture, Produce
Direct Marketing: CSA, Organic agriculture, Produce
Currently interning, looking for land in MD to start organic/biodynamic CSA or produce venture.
Direct Marketing: Farm stand or store, Direct Marketing: CSA, Apiary, Direct Marketing: Farmers Markets, Organic agriculture, Produce
Past tobacco farmer, raising hay at present.Small scale
Hay/pasture, Livestock production
Grain production