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Beginning Farmer
Charles Peters, Minister,experienced microfarmer,looking for farm opportunity
Nursery production, Organic agriculture, Produce
St. Mary's County Farmer
Regulations, Land/soil conservation
we want to farm/ranch in Maryland.
My part time fun job is a the family farm winery working in the vineyard. I would like to explore all areas of farming and agritourism to make it my full time occupation.
farmer, writer
Advertising/Marketing , Horticulture/cut flowers, Land/soil conservation, Organic agriculture
Engineer looking to get into farming
We are located in Upper Marlboro, Md. We farm corn, wheat, hay, vegetables and pumpkins, as well as being an Agritourism destination for the Fall season.
Agritourism, Direct Marketing: Farm stand or store, Hay/pasture, Land preservation, Land/soil conservation, Nutrient management
Food Solictor for the Maryland Food Bank. I have worked on a produce farm for 18 summers here on the Shore. I love what I do for the Food Bank. I joined this as an avenue to continue educating.
Advertising/Marketing , Christmas trees, Produce
Public Information Officer/Outreach Specialist