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Patuxent Tidewater Land Trust preserves agricultural and natural land in southern Maryland. PTLT seeks opportunities to partner with indiviuals and organizations to acquire, by purchase or donation, l
Land preservation
Newlywed with goal to start organic farm :)
Looking for lease/mentor/partnership arrangement
Agritourism, Apiary, Dairy, Direct Marketing: CSA, Direct Marketing: Farm stand or store, Livestock production, Meat, Organic agriculture, Produce
Local food economy advocate; interested in creating new ways to financially support the local food economy. Also interested in homesteading.
Hi, I'm the owner of a small equestian facility located in Hollywood, MD with 15 years experience in managing an equestrian facility.
raised on a family farm no cow or horse and now own a small plot of land with a garden and 2 grape vines.
horseshoeing service/horse training
horseshoeing service/horse training
csa owner
Advertising/Marketing , Direct Marketing: CSA