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marketing and communications
Advertising/Marketing , Grapes/vineyard/winery, Tourism
The Fore family raises goats and is looking for farm land.
Grain Farming
Grain production
Agritourism, Christmas trees, Hay/pasture, Livestock production
I have been successful with but am not an expert in the following Permaculture horses, goats growing organic food
Organic agriculture
grape grower
Maryland Business owner and farmer raising Gallaway cows.
Agritourism, Advertising/Marketing , Livestock production
New to Carroll County, getting to know the neighborhood.
Beef Cattle Farmer & Real Estate Agent. I was born and raised in Maryland on a Livestock &Grain Farm I am the the 5th generation farmer in my family. I own & operate and operate a Purbred Black Angus
Advertising/Marketing , Grain production, Hay/pasture, Livestock production, Meat
Grain Farmer
Grain production