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Farming for 18 years, looking for a land to purchase
Grew up farming
Equine, Forestry, Horticulture/cut flowers, Land preservation, Livestock production, Wholesale
Financial Planners SMADC recommended we join after presenting numerous workshops about financial planning for the Southern Maryland farming community
Estate Planning, Financial
My name is Gruff Herrman and i have been Managing Farms for other folks for over 20 years and have decided its time to reap the fruits of my labor. We are looking for an older farm to work with
Cooperative Extension, Direct Marketing: Farm stand or store, Equine, Estate Planning, Grain production, Hay/pasture, Land/soil conservation, Livestock production, Meat, Nutrient management, Organic agriculture
beginner farmer
Land Preservation
Land preservation
Jack of all trades but not farming
sales and marketing
Horticulture/cut flowers