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Organic Yardwaste Material

Started by sladjanaprozo on 08.18.17

Posted in: Farming

Hey all! Harvest, an organics recycling company, based in Woodbine, MD has a stock of organic yardwaste material. This material has been ground once, less than 5\" in size, comprised of sticks, leaves and other organics (no food waste!). This makes an excellent compost or soil amendment. The pH is around 7.5 with an approx moisture content of 25%. We are fully stocked so we are looking to sell to farmers, race tracks or anyone that needs additional organic material. Priced to sell and open to negotiation. The deliveries would occur in a 60 CY tractor trailer (walking floor). Gives us a call at 410-970-5022 (David Lundberg, head sales) or Sladjana Prozo (Inventory Mgt) at 410-970-5047 with questions or to set up delivery. Happy fall planting!