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Looking to Invest

Started by Skweaky on 12.03.16

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I grew up on farm and took crop production at university. I have been involved in several successful operations. Including cash crops, aquaculture, and mycology. I have also ran indoor operations generation income for corporation. Just moved back to US from sailing last year and half. Have several business ideas with farm land that not to many people have ability to do. I am looking for someone with rural farmland,or property interested in a new venture. Have money and time to invest.
Looking for something rural north of Baltimore area.

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Ctoleman1 on 10/13/17
Hello, I have 100 acres of gently rolling land in Westminster MD. I'm looking for partnership opportunities as well. Let me know Chris 410-960-4970
Clairmontasap on 09/22/17
I have land in Dorchester county. Would love to hear your ideas. The land has tillable, woodland, as well as aquaculture ponds.

Michael 443-904-2417
leafmb on 09/14/17
I am interested if you are still looking -- but in SoMD - write to


Davidr975 on 12/09/16
What is it your looking to do?