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Are you in Talbot County looking to transition to organic?

Started by xanthipp on 05.14.12

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Seems like Talbot County landowners who want to transition to organic have trouble finding a farmer who wants to take over the acreage, unless it is over 100 acres. We have @45 tillable. Is there anyone out there who lives near Miles River Neck/Tunis Mills who would throw in with us? I have a prospective farmer who would be excellent to work with.

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xanthipp on 02/19/18
Hi Lorraine-It's susan dabney. We of course gave up and moved to Ecuador. My present plan, when we return in May, is to see whether EQUIP is still happening- that's the program that paid approx. 300 per acre during the three year period of transition when you are planting hay and bush hogging it. Then to see if the budding idea that the cooperative extension would help farmers lease combines, etc. that were clean- had either never been used for conventional ag or had been cleaned in the way specified by the powers that be- had come to anything. That was all the Talbot Cooperative Extension, and I think the lady to talk to was Sharon.
We have the Mielkes now, and they are smart, but are concerned about the risk of switching over everything at once, so would want to keep using their present procedure I presume with landowners who aren't screaming about their various family members dying of various cancers. Of course, organic corn, soy, and hay are selling for loads more money than GMO, although you till more so you use more diesel. Luke Howard, not the pharmacy guy, is an organic farmer in Caroline County, and he also sells the seed through Blue River Hybrids. Cleo Braver knows him. Then there is Ed Fry who has a big organic farm, and Bill Mason, Mason's Heritage Farms in Ruthsburg. They are both successful organic farmers in Caroline County in the way I could see us doing it, and they might be a source of information. Luke, though, might be more of a mover and a shaker, being young and having a wife who runs a CSA.
My challenge is to convince other family members that we can safely and respectfully switch from chemical farming without rocking any boats. If we do get to the point that it would make sense to have a meeting with farmers and neighbors, although you aren't a neighbor, you might find it interesting and your presence might give me credibility---family, you know..... see you all in May, love to Friends.
Lorraine on 02/19/18
Hi-- I have a farm in Talbot County near Oxford. Wondering how you did in your transitioning to organic? Did you find a partner?