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Looking for farm land to rent, Caroline County

Started by RemiD on 01.06.19

Posted in: Farming

Looking for tillable land to rent in Caroline County We would possibly want to transition your property to organic, which would make your soil healthier!


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Horseman5 on 02/02/19
Have you looked at our land on Greensboro Road in Denton?
carolbean on 01/25/19
I work for the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy in Easton to promote new farmer access to land to ensure that the vibrant agricultural traditions of Delmarva continue into the future. I'm happy to meet with you anytime if you'd like to see what assistance we can offer in your quest for farmland if that would be helpful. Just let me know!
RemiD on 01/24/19
No I haven't. We are looking for crop land close to us south of Denton.
carolbean on 01/21/19
Did you see the posting re: tillable land in Denton?
What kind of acreage are you seeking?