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Looking to expand Homeschool Center in Central MD

Started by TLC on 10.02.18

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Hello! My name is Amy DeArmas and I am the Director of the Traditional Learning Community, a unique self-directed homeschool center currently located in Catonsville in Baltimore County, MD. We are looking to expand to our own private space. I am reaching out to this community to help direct me toward a property we could lease and potentially lease to own. Our ideal is acreage property that has used organic farming in recent years (or 10 years without conventional methods), a water source such as a spring or spring fed pond on property, out buildings/barn, pasture for horses or other animals, house building with electric and plumbing, and someone willing to mentor our facilitators toward successful care of this wonderful property. Of course, that is our “pie in the sky” ideal, but we are willing to take a chance with something close that we can modify to fill our needs. Our philosophy surrounds the traditional way of learning, as shown by our human ancestry from hunter-gatherers to early farming. We want to teach our students organic farming and animal care, “living off the land”, handwork, sustainable living, hard work and other subjects of living along side of the usual curricula of subjects such as English, science, math and social studies. Being the future of our great country, we are hoping to encourage our homeschooled students to take the lead in their lives and find a passion in the “past” way of learning and carry those traditions forward. But we need your help. We need a location to bring this incredible endeavor to fruition. The interest in the homeschooling community is tremendous and we are ready for the challenge of expansion. Please let me know if there is a property available near Catonsville, MD or within a 30-minute drive. We are able to negotiate our monthly expenses and we are working toward becoming a 501c3 organization. If anyone is willing to let us use their property complimentary in exchange for care and upkeep, that’s on the table as well. Thank you for your consideration! Feel free to email or call me for more information. or 301-919-1432.