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Had a farmer using my land but he has vanished. HELP

Started by dcsmith22 on 07.05.18

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I bought my property in Freeland, MD in 2016. There was a farmer that had a handshake agreement with the previous owner to farm around 7-8 acres of the land. We bought the home in July 2016. He stopped by to meet me and new to all this I just accepted the whole handshake thing. Bad on me. At the end of the year is when he stated he usually paid rent. well in 2016 instead of splitting said rent between us and the previous owner, he claimed he paid it all to her. In 2017 he continued use of the land, but after harvesting corn in November, he has vanished. Not returning calls, never shown back up, no rent payment, nothing. The fields have turned to weed farms and it is awful. I have listed the property on the lease area of this website, but was hoping someone may have some idea how I go about finding someone new to use the space. Help!


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BayDog on 07/25/18
I contacted your email.
BayDog on 07/25/18
I contacted your email.
dcsmith22 on 07/25/18
This is my first time using this forum. BayDog, how to I contact you directly in here?
BayDog on 07/19/18
Contact me directly, I'm pretty good at finding people.
Jerihans on 07/07/18
I don't have an idea about a user, but you may want to get some goats and sheep out there to keep the weeds under control. Sorry I couldn't be more healp.