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marketing advice - urban farm & farmers market

Started by TRF2017 on 05.28.18

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Hello everyone! I have a new small urban farm, specializing in wheat grass and microgreens year round, with herbs and peppers seasonally for the farmers market. I am also co-founder of the new Rosedale Farmers Market ( . For my farm, I'm not having any finding customers. I've sent brochures and postcards to about 250 restaurants and caterers. I've also emailed and stopped in personally to hand out samples. I'm on Instagram and Facebook too.
Our new farmers market is awesome with lots of great vendors and we have live music for a lot of dates throughout the season, with more being added. The market is on a very busy road. We have street signs out all over town, flyers at local businesses, and local organizations sharing our info. We are on Instagram and Facebook too and have been in 3 newspapers and listed on Baltimore's Child and Yelp. But we are having trouble with getting people to visit the market; it has been very slow.
I am looking for marketing advice both for my farm and farmers market. Your time is appreciated!



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PG Ag Marketing on 06/20/18
Hi! I'm in Ag Marketing in UMD Extension. Send me an email at I have some thoughts and can also connect you with some of my extension colleagues in that area that will have additional thoughts.