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Farm Purchase Funding

Started by smccarty3486 on 05.02.18

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I would love to own a farm and have several business ideas to run on the property. The issues is... MONEY! How can young people like myself (early 30's) afford to get into farming? Every farm I see worth buying that can be lived on and worked on... its 600K +. Are there programs out there that allow someone to get access to the funds needed?

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smccarty3486 on 06/22/18
Thank you bother for your replies. I will look into it.
heatseeker on 05/25/18
Hi Sean, I agree MARBIDCO's next Gen Program is an excellent source. I would also check with your local county to see if there is an office of Economic and Small Business Development. They are a great starting point for young farmers and business. One other resource is if you live in the Southern Maryland area of Maryland. You should check with the staff at SMADC. Their website is If you have never farmed before definitely consider the Future Harvest Beginning Farmer Program. I went through the program and it is a training/mentoring program designed to help Beginning Farmers.
Good luck
FarmLINK Admin on 05/17/18
Hi Sean, I would recommend looking into MARBIDCO's Next Gen Program. For more information, please see here: