What's New in FarmLINK?

Look what's NEW at Maryland FarmLINK

We are working to make FarmLINK the premier online destination to find or market farm properties, and the ultimate online community where farmers can connect with each other, with experts and with educational opportunities. This new design features expanded flexibility and mobility.

We're mobile! Thanks to a new mobile-compatible format, you can now experience FarmLINK on your smart phones and tablets.

Enhanced property listing tools for sellers. If you are listing your farmland in the Property Exchange, you can now specify "for sale" or "for lease" as searchable fields. In addition, you can now upload multiple photos (up to three) to enhance your listing, or link to photos on other servers. You can now edit and revise your listing at any time, save unfinished listings in "draft" mode to post later, temporarily suspend active listings to reactivate later (by moving to "draft" mode), and delete your listing permanently.

Streamlined property searching. If you are looking to buy or lease property, with a click of the mouse you can now view only properties for sale, only those for lease, or view a full list. You can view properties by region (Southern Maryland, Eastern Shore, Western Maryland and Central Maryland), by county, by address and more.

Join the conversation. Looking for info in an old forum conversation? You can now search the Farm Forum by keywords. You can also sort the threads by original postdate, category, or recent activity.

Find other FarmLINK members. We've expanded Person-To-Person feature to make it easier for you to find a member with specific expertise looking to mentor, partner or apprentice, and to search the member database by keywords.

Help us make FarmLINK great. If you have a property listed on the Property Exchange, please check that your listing has transferred to the new website correctly. Also, please take a moment to delete any properties you have listed that are no longer for sale.

Thanks for bearing with us through the transition period. If you spot any glitches, errors or broken links in the new site, please drop us a line at info@marylandfarmLINK.com.