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Maryland FarmLINK features the Property Exchange, a database of dedicated farm properties in the state. If you are a Realtor with Maryland farm properties for sale or lease, there is no fee to place your client's farm listing on the Property Exchange.

Have questions about whether your property qualifies as farmland? See these guidelines. Describing Your Land: A sample list of questions

FarmLINK has teamed up with the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) and the University of Maryland to offer Realtor Training: Selling or Leasing Farmland in Maryland, designed to give you more tools and insight on marketing farmland, including regulations, zoning, soil analysis and more.

Realtors who complete the class are welcome to be listed on FarmLINK's Realtor Course Graduates page. Sellers looking for Realtors qualified to list farmland often use this as reference when searching for a Realtor.

Can't take the course, but still want to learn more about marketing farmland? SMADC offers on online version of the course on its website: TUTORIAL: A Realtor's Guide to Selling or Leasing Farmland

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